October 5, 2014

Hello October ~ A sneak peek @ this weeks listings




September 26, 2014

Lovely New Fall listings


September 14, 2014

March 23, 2012

Spring Glorious Spring

Yes , It's that time of the year....the time when we feel refreshed, rejuvenated , and we look forward to longer days, skirts , sundresses and sandals. Here are some of the latest postings in my shop that are perfect for Spring...
1970's Yellow and White Fish Print Skirt
1970's White and Red Day Dress

1970's Floral Maxi Skirt
1970's White Eyelet Skirt
1970's Baby Blue Sundress
1980's Pink and White Candy Striped Sundress

March 22, 2012

The True Beauties ...Oh I'm not talking about women here

Hello my free birds. In a past post (10 things that make me happy), I mentioned my love for my 63 Ford Fairlane. Her name is Lucy.She needs some love , or shall I say some more love because she gets plenty already. However my love goes broader , for all classic cars not just my Lucy. Recently there was a classic car show here in downtown Miami. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, so I took myself and my camera and went to check out all THE BEAUTIES. I thought I would share some of them with you. Let me tell you mama had a BIG smile on her face the entire time.
Studebaker...this was one of my favorites.The owner thought I was stalking him because I kept coming back to see it.                                                   
This is what mama ultimately wants....the Thunderbird 
Chevy Bel Air...What Curves
So this Beauty is a Fairlane just like my Lucy, but made 8 years earlier.

Look at those Wings !!
This Lebaron was so AMAZING ..I was truly blown away. A true beauty.
           However I could never drive it. Imagine parallel parking.

1963 VW Shorty Bus. Owner chopped it and took out the middle door.
This was a treat to see.

  My first love was a 65 VW bug. I drove it all through college.
                 I loved the way it sounded. So much so that I could hear one coming from blocks away.
        These always make me smile and brings back memories.
VW Split Window
And last.. but surely not least , A sweet 1962 Corvair