July 25, 2010

Mad for Mad Men

Tonight I could not be more excited. You would think it was my birthday or some personal exciting event, but no it is Season premiere of Mad Men ! I have been anticipating this for months, and mostly for the past week. Almost like a child waiting for Christmas, I have been looking forward to this night. It is simply my favorite show of all time.

I started watching the show in the beginning of season 3, and I was hooked on the costumes and of course the era. I then caught up watching seasons 1 & 2 on Comcast on Demand and found it was truly a brilliant show. Then all I wanted for my birthday was the 4 seasons on DVD so I could watch over & over.

The show is so well written, each character is complex and interesting, it is beautifully directed, and the costumes oh the costumes. And although we might not agree with Don Draper’s behavior, or Betty Draper’s weak will, something about them draws us in.

Thank you Mad Men for bringing such excitement to my Sunday nights and for all the style inspiration.

May 13, 2010

Singing the Classic Blues

As I was looking through all my recent listings on my etsy shop , I realized I had many navy blue items. Soo I thought I'd write a small post dedicated to the shade. At least for me, I think of it as a classic color. All these things come to my mind when I think of it, sophisticated , nautical , matured like a fine wine (ha), fun but conservative , not too risky but not as safe as black, pretty much looks good on everyone (you get the point).When you put on a navy dress you feel "put together", or navy shoes will "tone down " maybe a wildly printed dress. I honestly do not wear the shade often, I prefer bold colors and prints, but I have some up coming occasions where I think a navy dress might just be exactly what I want.

May 4, 2010

new listings on etsy


April 28, 2010

new listings on etsy

stuart weitzmann fabulous snakeskin T strap heels
vintage chevron stripe full skirt cotton day dress
 lovely vintage floral / denim reversible wrap skirt
1960's mod mustard color heels with diamond detail 
vintage peach high waisted straight skirt

March 30, 2010

Happy Tuesday

     I must say , I had a pretty productive day. I finally got around to start shooting some of the many items for Aprils posting on my Etsy shop. It's a part of the process , I must say I truly have fun doing ( after shopping for the items of course). Preview of items in tomorrows post.

Some amazing Spring dresses & skirts

the bags... oh the bags....

some amazing shoes...too bad none are my size
and me , quite exhausted once done ...in my typical outfit, a very comfy vintage house dress.
this one i've had for ages, it's even lost most of the elastic in the waist. after all , it did take me through 2 pregnancies...it's kinda  like your favorite pair of sweats , except i don't own a pair of those (ha),

March 28, 2010

March 26, 2010

Liberty of London for Target

    ~ I was in Target today and was happily overwhelmed with the new Liberty of London Collection . It just hit stores , and I must say there are some very beautiful pieces. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me so I couldn't snap some pictures for you . Liberty of London became known for their prints in the late 19th century. Their beautiful floral, geometric, abstract , colorful  art nouveau prints . They were then used by some of the top designers in the 20th century .If you are like me & prints make you happy , and you are not afraid to wear them, then head to target to check it out. They had a beautiful assortment of  dresses, flouncy tops, skirts, accessories, and even housewares. Right in time for Spring.

I got these pix of some of their prints from the Liberty of London website....

March 25, 2010

That 70's Style......The Runaways

     I have always been a huge fan of Joan Jett & Cherie Currie, not just their amazing style, but they helped break the mold for women in music. They new how to rock and they looked good doing it. So to pay homage to the new movie The Runaways, here are some pix showing that stellar 70's style.