March 1, 2011

Spring is the Air ...Newly listed dresses on Etsy

Brighter colors , fun florals , shorter sleeves and hemlines's a sure sign Spring is in the air.
check out the shop for these and other new listings

February 5, 2011

Beautiful Bags

Here is a sneak peak at bags that will be posted in the etsy shop this week . Some great finds that I hope you will love.

vintage 1980's Pretty in Pink leather clutch

vintage 1970's  burgundy leather satchel

vintage 1970's leather camel button clutch

vintage 1970's floral lucite handle tapestry satchel

vintage 1980's baby pink beaded evening bag with gold frame

vintage 1980's suede laser cut detail hand bag

vintage 1980's black mesh satchel with gold hardware details

vintage 1970's crotchet handbag with beautifully shaped tortoise handles

vintage 1970's leather camel and linen satchel

So there you have it ...your sneak peak . Check daily listings for postings of these and more.

February 1, 2011

The CHAIR Factor

    On the previous post { 10 things that make me happy } , I mentioned one thing as CHAIRS . I also said I would explain in a later post so I will keep my word . CHAIRS not only make me happy , they are a slight obsession for me. Like a girl that loves shoes or handbags , I love CHAIRS. When I see one I love , my heart beats faster , my eyes get bigger , my mouth drops , and my mind starts thinking  "do I have room for it" ? then I answer myself  " I will make room for it ". I truly wish my house was bigger so I simply can have  room for morevCHAIRS.
     I cannot tell you any specific style of chair I love , I just know when I see it. It usually has a beautiful  unique shape, color or fabric pattern. Also I do not tend to refurbish or re upholster chairs . If I fall in love, I take them with all there flaws (even the ones I pull over and find on the side of the road ) . So there , a little bit on my love of CHAIRS. I will share some I found that make my heart smile.

January 10, 2011


1. LO-MI-LU -my 3 little beautiful girls
2. CHAIRS - more details on that in a later post
3. GIRLS NIGHT ON MY PORCH - or anywhere for that matter
4. BIRDS - how they sing in the morning and the beauty of their freedom
7. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC -how it can change your mood,
    take you somewhere and makes you feel something
8. MY LUCY - that's my 63" fairlane
9. LA FAMILIA - you can't live with them and you can't live without them , but OH MY where would I be if it wasn't for them
10. THE OCEAN - what is it about it's never ending beauty that you can just look at it and find answers to your questions, clarity on your thoughts and inner peace for that moment

So there you are - 10 things that make me happy, but there's ALOT more . I'll post some of my other loves next week.  goodnite for now