March 22, 2012

The True Beauties ...Oh I'm not talking about women here

Hello my free birds. In a past post (10 things that make me happy), I mentioned my love for my 63 Ford Fairlane. Her name is Lucy.She needs some love , or shall I say some more love because she gets plenty already. However my love goes broader , for all classic cars not just my Lucy. Recently there was a classic car show here in downtown Miami. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, so I took myself and my camera and went to check out all THE BEAUTIES. I thought I would share some of them with you. Let me tell you mama had a BIG smile on her face the entire time.
Studebaker...this was one of my favorites.The owner thought I was stalking him because I kept coming back to see it.                                                   
This is what mama ultimately wants....the Thunderbird 
Chevy Bel Air...What Curves
So this Beauty is a Fairlane just like my Lucy, but made 8 years earlier.

Look at those Wings !!
This Lebaron was so AMAZING ..I was truly blown away. A true beauty.
           However I could never drive it. Imagine parallel parking.

1963 VW Shorty Bus. Owner chopped it and took out the middle door.
This was a treat to see.

  My first love was a 65 VW bug. I drove it all through college.
                 I loved the way it sounded. So much so that I could hear one coming from blocks away.
        These always make me smile and brings back memories.
VW Split Window
And last.. but surely not least , A sweet 1962 Corvair       

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